What Are The Benefits Of Utilising Power BI?

What Are The Benefits Of Utilising Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI can be described as a suite for different aspects of business intelligence, reporting, and data visualisation. It is designed for both individuals and teams. They can streamline the publication and have good distribution capabilities. The Power BI suite can also integrate well with different types of Microsoft products and services.

Before understanding whether Power BI is well-suited for your business, it is important to know what Power BI is. As per Microsoft, it is a business analytics solution through which you can visualise your data and share different insights throughout the organisation. This can also be embedded in your official website or app. The Power BI product basically consists of various products and services, as each of them is leveraged, companies take the benefits of how each of them works together.

Now that you know what is Power BI, it is important to understand whether it would be the right solution for your organisation. The benefits offered by this suite would include:

  • It will give you a really quick start and help you get a really quick insight without using any complicated setup. You would not need any training and it can be easily integrated into the dashboards of various services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.
  • It can help to streamline the overall publication and distribution. For example, your analysts can upload all the visualisations and reports to the Power BI suite, and as the new datasets are updated, the data will get refreshed.
  • One of the best things about Power BI is that it gives you real-time information as soon as the data is streamed in. It helps the users to solve complex problems and identify various opportunities instantly. There are different sources from which this time-sensitive data are collected.
  • Power BI comes with easy app navigation features. The developers can customise the navigation experience according to their convenience, which helps them find the relevant content quickly. Also, it promotes understanding between various reports and dashboards.
  • Another great feature of Power BI is that it can integrate and work with Microsoft’s digital assistant- Cortana. As a result, users can ask questions to access the required charts and graphs. This is especially for the users who are on their mobile devices.
  • The Power BI has used artificial intelligence in various ways. For example, it can do mage recognition text analysis and create complex machine learning models.

Before you start using Power BI for analysing your data, it is essential that you copy all the data from different sources to your data warehouse. You can utilise cloud data warehouses like Microsoft Azure Synapse, which makes it easier to combine data from different sources and then perform the analysis as per your requirements.

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