4 Ways To Overcome Barriers To A Healthy Heart

4 Ways To Overcome Barriers To A Healthy Heart

Heart issues are increasing with each passing day, and they have become one of the most common causes of death in the UK. Thus, it is essential to keep your heart healthy if you want your body to work efficiently. No matter how hard you try, there are some barriers like a busy schedule, lack of motivation, medical condition and likewise that can affect your efforts.

Sometimes, a person cannot incorporate a healthy heart regime due to blood pressure issues, Mitral valve regurgitation, and other conditions. Whatever the barrier is, there is a way to overcome it and keep your heart health healthy.

4 Barriers And Ways To Overcome Them For A Healthy Heart

Busy Schedule

Everybody has a busy and hectic routine due to juggling commitments. There are many factors that add up to it like increasing traffic due to which the travel time has increased, making people busier than they ever were. Needless to say that a tired person wouldn’t have enough motivation to exercise or do things to keep the heart-healthy. The solution to this is to plan your day so that you have enough time for yourself. You can pick the early morning hours for exercise or other physical activities. Start with small things like ditching the lift and climbing stairs instead.

Lifestyle And Habits

Smoking, excessive drinking, and sugary foods are some lifestyle habits that lead to degraded heart health. Moreover, these habits also make it challenging to do things to keep your heart strong. For example, the ability to perform a workout is less in a smoker than in other people. Slowly start to give up on these habits and switch to healthy eating if you do not want to end up on a hospital bed with severe heart diseases. Join a rehab centre if you find it challenging to give up on these habits.

Medical Conditions

The most common heart condition that comes as a barrier is Mitral valve regurgitation. It happens when the valve of your heart doesn’t close properly, allowing the blood to flow in the opposite direction. In such a situation, you have to follow a strict diet, be under the observation of a specialist, and take the treatment that can help cure the condition.


Stress is the worst enemy of your heart! Cardiac arrest, the most common heart issue that leads to death, has stress as one of its root causes. Do meditations, exercise and take sound sleep to cope with stress and not let this act as a barrier between you and the healthy heart.

There is no barrier that you cannot overcome with dedication and constant effort. Stay in touch with your cardiologist and seek his advice before starting a diet or a routine, as it is vital for him to know what you are following. Small things can make a big difference and can reflect on your health in a great way.

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