The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Your Industrial Garage Door

The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Your Industrial Garage Door

Maintaining an industrial garage door is crucial for its smooth operation, longevity, and ensuring the safety of your premises. In addition, regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs and downtime. This guide will outline essential steps and tips for effectively maintaining your industrial garage door.

Understand The Components

Familiarise yourself with the various components of your industrial garage door. These typically include springs, cables, rollers, tracks, hinges, and opener systems. Understanding how each part works will help you identify and address potential issues.

Inspect Regularly

Conduct routine inspections to identify signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. For example, inspect the weatherstripping to ensure a seal. Also, look for signs of rust or corrosion.

Test The Safety Features

Industrial garage doors have safety features like photo-eye sensors and auto-reverse mechanisms. Regularly test these safety features to ensure they are functioning correctly. For example, place an object in the door’s path and check if it reverses immediately upon contact.

Clean The Door

You can wash your industrial garage door with a gentle cleanser and water. This will offer assistance in removing soil, debris, and destructive substances that can cause harm over time. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or power washers that may harm the door’s finish.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Grease is fundamental for the smooth operation of the door. Apply silicone-based oil to rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks.  This will reduce friction and prevent excessive wear. Avoid using grease or oil-based lubricants as they attract dirt and grime.

Check Tension And Balance

The tension and balance of the door are vital for its proper operation. Test the tension of the springs and cables regularly, ensuring they are neither too loose nor too tight. Consult a professional technician if you notice any imbalance or difficulty opening or closing the door.

Replace Worn Or Damaged Parts

If you identify any worn, damaged, or malfunctioning components during your inspections, replace them promptly. Delaying repairs can lead to further damage or accidents. Instead, consult the manufacturer’s manual or seek professional assistance for part replacements.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

While you can perform basic maintenance tasks, scheduling regular professional inspections and maintenance is recommended. Garage door installer can identify potential issues, provide specialised servicing, and ensure optimal door performance.

Keep The Tracks Clear

Clear any debris or obstructions from the tracks regularly. Accumulated dirt or objects can affect the door’s movement and strain the opener system. Use a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and adequately align the tracks.

Maintain Opener Systems

Industrial garage doors often have opener systems that require maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining and lubricating the opener, including the motor, drive chain, and control panel. In addition, keep the opener clean and free from dust or debris.

Remember, safety should always be a priority. Consult a qualified professional for assistance if you encounter complex issues during maintenance tasks. Following these guidelines and maintaining a regular maintenance schedule will help keep your industrial garage door in excellent condition and extend its lifespan.

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