What Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents When Buying A Property?
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What Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents When Buying A Property?

You need to make sure that you ask the estate agent the ideal questions before making the right decision. Estate agents are truly bound to tell the truth and it could make the difference between purchasing a dream home and purchasing a dud. Let’s go through the important questions which you should ask –

Why Is The Owner Selling

One of the first questions to ask estate agents when they are hunting for a property to purchase is why the owner is selling. If you are truly lucky the estate agent Essex probably hints at the vendor’s circumstances which could help inform your negotiations. To put it in simple words, it probably finds out the owner is desperate to sell, probably because work is taking them overseas and so would also accept a lower cost if a quick sale could be secured.

How Long The Property Has Been On The Market

If the home has truly been on the market for a long time, it is time to ask the estate agents Essex why they contemplate it not selling. Are there issues that other folks have realized that you have not? It is time to ask the estate explicitly whether anyone else previously put in an offer as to why they then decided to pull out. There probably not be anything wrong and the property probably simply is overpriced. Whatever the issue, a long time on the market probably means the seller will accept a lower cost.

Hold The Property’s Value Changed Completely

How a property’s value has truly changed over the last few years is readily available online on professional sites. You need to take a look and get loaded with different sold prices as well as all set to ask regarding changes to the property’s value especially if there has been a drop in value.

Has The Property Truly Changed Hands

If the current homeowners are moving out once a short period is done, it is quite important to get why. It means you must be aware of the fact that if they do have noisy neighbors. And you should be alert to serious issues if the property has frequently changed hands. So estate agents Essex most know why previous owners moved out. Probably even try to contact them to ask why they accomplished it.


Listing and marketing material requires a lot of details regarding a house and the showing lets you come across it firsthand. But talking to the seller can truly help you learn exactly what you could be indulging into. If you come across difficulty being able to get connected with the seller, it is time to have some of these questions answered through your professional real estate agent.

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